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"Wonderful article - thank you." - Joe Titone, Vancouver, Wash. regarding my story about volkssporting that appeared in The Columbian 50 and Forward quarterly. May 2016.

"Thanks for share such posts. Keep updating such topics."  - Maya Mukharjee, about my post "Nobody wants my brown furniture. 2015

"Julia.... want you to know how much you and your presentation were appreciated and how well it was received!  Many comments and compliments on it, you, and us for having that bright idea to ask you! You brought our message home to this crowd and inspired us."   -  April 2014
         -- Charlene Dahlen, Deputy Director, Community Housing Resource Center, Vancouver, Wash.

"Julie, I enjoy your blog a great deal. There are things about growing older that one doesn't always
want to explore. Your writing forces one to face them and I find that enormously helpful and
very personal." - Elsebeth Schoenberger, author, "Birgitte's War - A novel of the Danish Resistance"

"Julia – I just wanted to personally thank you for helping to make our event last week a big success.  Your speech helped to bring home the message we all wanted to send and it’s quite obvious that we’re all on the same wave length when it comes to personal financial stability.  We couldn’t have made a better choice.
Thanks again!"  

    -- Kevin L. Gillette, Executive Director, Community Housing Resource Center, Vancouver, Wash.

"I really love your writing, unlike most blogs, I actually learn things, find the content useful and it's well written."
       - Anon. post 2011

- "We recently hosted a Financial Planning Summit Exclusively for Women and hired Julia Anderson to be our Mistress of Ceremonies. Julia’s well-known interest and passion for this topic made her the perfect personality for this role. The day unfolded beautifully as Julia’s lively remarks and expert organizational skills kept the speakers on task, the audience engaged and the entire program true to the intended agenda. Thanks to Julia, this inaugural event was successful beyond our most optimistic expectations." - Tom Bashwiner, Director of Gift Planning, Fort Vancouver National Trust, Vancouver, Wash.

“Julia Anderson is a valuable asset for KXL Newsradio 101.1 FM. Her thorough research brings business stories to a level understood by all. Whether it's explaining the importance of financial planning or why the dollar fell today Julia Anderson is a remarkable economic translator.
- Steve Leader, co-host on KXL-101.1 FM, Portland, Ore.
"Julia can make even the most ‘economically challenged’ person understand the in’s and out’s of our economy. She is thorough, accurate and so personable in her delivery. We love having her on KXL. "
- Rebecca Marshall, co-host on KXL-101.1  FM, Portland, Ore.

- “We were so excited that Julia Anderson accept our invitation to be the MC at the Power of the Purse and the Wallop of the Wallet too! event presented by Community Services Northwest on Nov. 3, 2010. Julia’s background as a business news journalist and personal finance columnist was perfect for the theme and topic we featured, and a wonderful compliment to our featured keynote speaker, Deborah Owens. Julia is well respected in our community -- and her involvement as MC added professionalism and credibility to our event. Thank you Julia for saying Yes!”
           -  Kathy Deschner, Director of Development, Community Services Northwest, Vancouver, Wash.

- "Umpqua Bank advisory board member, Julia Anderson, is a passionate speaker on the topic of women, money and retirement planning. Her recent workshop hosted by Umpqua Bank drew strong attendance and positive feedback. Anderson's message to women: "Take charge of your financial future."
                                     - Ginny Gronwoldt, Umpqua Bank

- Woman of Distinction Certificate of Recognition from Washington State University Vancouver. "To Julia Anderson in recognition of your contributions as an inspiring, mentoring and empowering woman."
- Chancellor H.A. Dengerink. March 2009

- Business column writing First Place award from the Society of Professional Journalists for Northwest daily newspapers circulation 25,001-65,000. Julia Anderson, The Columbian. SPJ winner every year for the past 10 years.

- "Best in Business" award for overall excellence among small newspapers, Society of American Business Editors & Writers to The Columbian business news section, Julia Anderson, editor.

Port of Vancouver We  were very fortunate to have Julia host the Port of Vancouver Commissioners Forums for the past two years. Her extensive skill as a moderator not only kept our conversations with the public on topic and moving at a lively pace, but her ability to ask probing and relevant questions added significant value to the discussions. We look forward to working with her again in the future.”  -Brian Wolfe, Port of Vancouver Commissioner

Clark County Historical Museum workshop response."THANK YOU! I appreciate your support of the (Clark County Historical) museum. Your (women and retirement) workshop (on Feb. 5, 2011) brought in women that had never been in our building. That is high on my meter of success. If every program brings in new faces, and also brings back repeats, the program is a huge success! You did a great job and I personally enjoyed the workshop. There was a lot of great conversation that was stimulated by your workshop--you got them talking and sharing their stories with each other. Another sign of success is when they linger afterwards, which they did. They were not running out the door to go onto the next thing. So, again, thank you!! I think you have found a great niche for yourself. I love the tie in with your mother and her experiences." ---  Susan Tissot,  Executive Director, Clark County Historical Society & Museum