Thursday, November 2, 2017

Smart Money video links. Thanks, TVCTV public cable channel

During our Smart Money video conversations, co-host Joe Smith and I have covered more than 20 money-related topics. The short videos are distributed by TVCTV, the public television operation in Beaverton, Ore. These have been great fun. Our topics range from reverse mortgages to writing a will. We have discussed marrying after age 60 and how to keep your kids happy while doing it. Financial elder abuse, Social Security and downsizing, all topics. Below are YouTube links to some of these shows. 

Why women should approach Social Security differently than men.

Why have a will.

Timeshares: Buying and selling. What to watch out for.

Social Security 101.

How to Hold a family money meeting.

May to December relationships require special planning.

Reverse Mortgages: Questions to ask.

Charitable giving in Retirement

Evaluating an Early Job Buyout Offer

Should you buy a franchise in retirement?

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