Friday, March 31, 2017

Smart Money: My new gig with Joe Smith on TVCTV!

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Want to know more about how and when to claim Social Security benefits? Are you worried that the Social Security Administration will run out of money?

Are you into estate planning and need to hold a Family Money Summit to explain to your children what you’re going to do with your business and/or your money?

Are you in need of a financial planner but don’t know the questions to ask to hire one?

How about the basics of retirement planning in five steps?

These are some of the topics we are covering in a new series of taped shows hosted at TVCTV public access channel in Beaverton, Ore. The good news is that the shows also are available on YouTube.

I’ve teamed up with Portland television host, Joe Smith, to talk about all things money-related. We discuss elder financial abuse and how to prevent it.

We delve into one of my most popular topics here at, How to Get Married after 60. And we go through my Five Basic Steps to Retirement Planning.

My big passion in semi-retirement is to help people, particularly women, plan and save for retirement. Mary Weisensee at TVCTV – the public access community programming network in Washington County, Ore. -- liked my Smart Money column in the Portland Tribune and asked me to talk about money issues in a series of taped shows.

The first shows being aired on TVCTV channels focus on Social Security. Here's an OregonLive advance news story explaining the show, click here.

In three Social Security segments, Joe Smith and I interview Alan Edwards, the region’s Social Security guru.

We cover what everyone should know about Social Security in Social Security 101, How women can best claim Social Security benefits and we tackle Social Security Myths.

The good news is that Social Security is not going to run out of money until about 2035 and then would just reduce benefits to keep going. That’s of course unless Congress tweaks the benefit rules to return the program to solvency.

Click here for a link to the "My Account" Social Security Web site.

The shows, called Smart Money (like my column in the Portland Tribune), will air on public access channel 22 in Washington County, but are also being made available on CVTV in Clark County, Wash. and will be distributed to other public access operations in the region. And we are on YouTube!!!

Other Smart Money shows will come along soon. Joe and I are taping shows on new topics. The list is really endless.

Bottom line on Social Security: People should set up a personal account at Then check up on their employment and wage information. Then start planning for how and when they might want to claim Social Security benefits.

It is really a big deal and a big part of retirement planning. It’s best to start now.
Here's my post at sixtyandsingle on Social Security. click here.

Hey, I'm on YouTube!!!

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