Thursday, October 27, 2016

Sixtyandsingle expands to TVCTV community television

"To change the way American women think, plan and save for retirement."  - Julia Anderson, founder and contributor at


Life is good here at

My mission to inform women about money, investing and retirement planning continues to expand. Here’s the news: This month, I was invited to tape 10 spots for broadcast on the community cable television channel TVCTV in Beaverton, Ore.

My topics covered a range of material drawn from my posts at

The miracle of compound interest for savers. click here.

Romance doesn’t end after age 60, but a pre-nup helps. click here.

My five steps to retirement planning. click here.

Dogs are great pets but can you afford one? click here.

How inflation takes a bite out of your retirement income. click here.

A family meeting about estate planning can lower the stress level for everybody. click here.

Preventing elder financial abuse. click here.

What are RMDs and how to plan for them. click here.

How to hire a financial adviser. Questions to ask. click here.

Do women invest differently than men? Yes, and that is good and bad. click here.

Column continues

Meanwhile, my Smart Money column continues to appear in the Portland Tribune every month. This month’s topic: Oregon’s plan next year to implement a retirement savings program for people working for businesses that don’t offer one. Click here.

And next month, I hope to be back with the folks at TVCTV creative serves to tape a Q&A with Alan Edwards, senior public affairs specialist with the Portland office of the Social Security Administration. When and how to start taking Social Security benefits is a topic of our time.

My mission
Some years ago I wrote a mission statement for Here it is: "To change the way American women think, plan and save for retirement." I am happy to report that I am staying true to that mission.

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