Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Dorothy Custer base-jumps to celebrate her 102nd. Could this be in our future?

She's done it again!
Dorothy Custer, my former 4-H Sewing Club leader, has celebrated another birthday by doing something a bit outrageous.
This time, the media coverage was not only national, but international. Along with several American news outlets, the BBC ran a clip of Dorothy's tandem base-jump off the Perrine Bridge in my home town Twin Falls, Idaho to mark her 102nd birthday.
When interviewed about why she would do such a thing, Dorothy said she "just never thought about age...I just went on living and having a good time and doing what was necessary."
Dorothy has been mentioned before at when she appeared on the Jay Leno Show last year after turning 100 and riding a zip line across the Snake River (which is not far from the bridge jump site). Dorothy, who is a tiny woman of about 4-foot 10, also plays the harmonica and cracks great jokes.
"I never think about age," she says.
At 98, my mother, Helen, may be a little jealous because she's not in quite as good of shape as Dorothy and is now using a wheelchair to get around at the assisted-living center. But my mother is competitive at bingo, reads the paper and follows sports events with a passion. Like Dorothy, my mother is tiny, weighing in at about 100 pounds.
We keep threatening mother that at her 100th, we'll need to come up with some sort of daredevil thrill for line, base jump, something. She makes a funny face and laughs at the idea but I can tell she's thinking about it.
Many of us may reach age 100, as have Dorothy and my mother.
Here are a few demographic facts to ponder: The average American woman now age 65 can expect to live to age 86. One out of 10 Americans (women and men) will live past age 95. I am looking forward to my space walk in 2046!!!

Here are a few links to the many videos featuring Dorothy Custer.
Dorothy's interview -
The jump, click here.
BBC coverage, click here.
Dorothy's top YouTube videos have received more than 160,000 hits in the past days.

Her advice: "Think positive, exercise every morning, practice balancing and work your arms."
Go Dorothy!!!

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