Friday, August 12, 2011

The Best of My picks.

While I am in Idaho checking in with my 96-year-old mother who broke a hip recently, I've put together a short list of posts at Here they are:

1. What will my retirement look like? 5 (easy) steps to find out

2. Why long-term care insurance is a big deal, especially for women. 

3. Sixty and single and meeting men the old-fashioned way: Face to face.

4. Divorce after 50. What you need to know, where to find help.

5. How I retired and kept on working

6. Game on! I've placed my bets on the future.

7. Six Steps to Recovery from a Later in Life Divorce. Maria, are you listening?

8. Some men marry younger women....a lot younger!

9. Collecting Social Security on an ex-spouse. It's better off if they're dead.

10. 60 & Single: Ways to stay positive.

11. How fear and loathing can mess up your retirement investment planning.

I'll be back soon.

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