Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Two speeding tickets in two weeks! What does that tell me?

What does it mean that I've gotten two speeding tickets in less than three weeks? My offenses were nothing outrageous...going 63 in a 50 mph zone and 65 in a 55 mph zone. Some might even call this just bad luck. Maybe it's because I drive an easy-to-see red pickup. Hummmm. In my heart I know that things have been a bit out of control lately.
My retired life lacks structure --- you know that 8-to-5 routine that comes with a full-time five-day a week job. Retired life isn't like that. Not that I'm really retired. I've got several reporting and writing gigs, two of them with weekly deadlines that keep coming around to bite me. In addition, I like writing for this blog at least twice a week.
I remain active in my local Rotary Club where I've been a member for more than 20 years. The weekly noon hour club meetings take up my time on Wednesdays. We just hosted 30 people for a fundraiser to benefit the Rotary Foundation last Sunday. A lot of work but rewarding.
Add in the trips to see my mother in Idaho, my kids in Seattle and Ken's kids in various places near and far. There was a wedding in Michigan in May, a trip to California in March.
We now are hurriedly packing for an eight-day expedition to Idaho for a raft trip on the Selway River. I'm told the Selway will take us through some of the most beautiful wild country in the state. I'm taking my fishing pole. There will be nineon this trip. We're doing all the food planning.
What else?
Meanwhile, I'm working to refinance my home mortgage. (See prior post). A forester surveyed the property last week in preparation for an special application to the county to qualify for lower property taxes through a timber management program.
A neighbor up the road sold me some grass hay for the three horses on the place, but I've got to talk with my neighbor about buying more. Her two horses are living on my pasture.
My life is full, if not out of control. I can't get the structure and the focus of a full-time job and I miss that.
I knew it would be this way because I'm the type that wants to do it all. It was this way when I was home with my kids 30 years ago.
Oh yeah, another indicator of being out of control is that I'm gaining weight. Access to a refrigerator all day is a challenge for those like me who work at home.
When I return from the float trip, I'm going to ask around among my retired friends for advice on finding calm amid the hectic pace I seem to have embraced. No more speeding tickets!!!
Contributions, suggestions are welcome. We'll all talk soon.

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