Monday, April 25, 2011 makes thinking about money more fun

We all (no matter what age) would like to better manage our money, spend wisely and save for the long-term, but building a money-management strategy is like going on a needs to be done, but it's hard to stick with a plan.
There's a great free Web site..... that can be a big help. I have a link on this Web site.
Portlander (Ore.) J.D. Roth (and I don't know J.D. but I did meet him a couple of years ago at a conference) is the founder and lead-writer at GetRichSlowly. What I like about J.D. is his friendly realistic approach to money, his upbeat views on getting out of debt and spending money wisely.
He, his staff writers and guest writers post a new topic every day. I always learn something. He's hip and fun to read.
Recent topics at GetRichSlowly:
- Should you rent (an apartment) or buy a house? Right now, a lot of people are asking that question.
- 25 Best Books about Money. This is a great list.
- Use it up, wear it out, make it do or Do without.  Hoarders like me can benefit from this discussion.
- How I spend my Money. J.D. shares his strategies and is not shy about explaining how he went from being deep in credit card debt to an investor for the long-term. You get the idea.
Neither is J.D. selling anything at GetRichSlowly except his advice book. His daily newsletter delivered to your email address is free. And he's from Portland.
Check it out. - Julia

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