Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A message from Deborah Owens...'Treat Your Portfolio as a Loved One'

Wealth coach, author and national financial advice commentator, Deborah Owens, says today's womens' purses are symbolic of "all the possibilities" in our lives with their brassy exteriors and big interior spaces capable of holding everything from checkbooks and calculators to corporate reports and baby's diapers.

In her latest book, "A Purse of Your Own," Owens challenges women to take charge of their financial security, build an investment portfolio and have fun doing it. Her mission springs from the experience of her mother who in her later years had to survive with a small pension, Social Security and minimal support from her father.
Owens began a keynote speech in Vancouver, Washington last week with this personal story about her mother and how the experience propelled her own career forward into the financial industry where she rose from receptionist to financial consultant then to regional sales manager and now into an exciting career as a radio host for CNN and NPR and national book author.
Owens inspired her Vancouver listeners with this message: "Do what you love and it will transform your life." That's good career advice, but she also offered "7 Wealthy Habits" that can put women on the path to financial independence and a comfortable retirement.
Those habits as outlined in her book are:
No. 1. Maintain a big picture outlook. Bring value to what you do.
No. 2. Acquire knowledge, seek out opportunities to educate yourself and become a life-long learner.
No. 3. Look inward to find your unique gifts that give you a comparative advantage with your career.
No. 4. Maintain a positive mindset despite naysayers or obstacles. In other words keep at it in the face of adversity.
No. 5. Pay your way forward. "To receive, you must first give something of value," Owens says. "Leave a path for others to follow."
No. 6. Successful people set up a system that allows them to stay organized. That gives them the ability to monitor their progress, Owens points out.
No. 7. Stay focused. Set priorities. By stating specific desired outcomes, people can stay on course even when dealing with complications.
Owens calls on women to form "Purse Clubs" as a way to support each other in the pursuit of promising investments, financial security and wealth in any economic climate. "Your sense of style," she says, "will inform your choices and your creativity and intuition will emerge as a potent force."
Vancouver-based First Independent Bank underwrote the purchase of 300 "A Purse of Your Own" books to be distributed to those attending the luncheon. Thank you, First Indy.
In her book, Owens outlines her "Wealthy Habits," explains how women can build a well-balanced portfolio on any budget and how they can learn the language of investing to create their own financial security.
"There's no better time than now to straighten out your Purse," Owens says.
For more on Deborah Owens visit http://www.deborahowens.com/.

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