Sunday, June 20, 2010

Retirement is NOT retirement, but catching up on life.

This was a hectic week highlighted by important moments with grandkids (Ken's and mine) and a "sleep over" with my five 60-Something friends at the house. We "Java Babes" (as we call ourselves) talked a lot, shared dinner and breakfast, drank a little wine and watched the movie, "It's Complicated."  The week was bracketed by a two-day float trip with Ken on the beautiful Illinois River in Southwest Oregon and a one-night stop over with Ken at Port Ludlow in Washington during a motorcycle loop from Gig Harbor to Seattle and back that ended Saturday. No I don't have my own motorcycle.  I mention all this because retirement is anything but laid back. Retirement is catching up on freedom, collecting payback for 26 years of full-time 40-hour-plus weeks of work and enjoying the satisfaction of being alive, healthy and engaged in new experiences. Retirement is not retirement.  It's a bit crazy, it's cramming it all in.

Ken and I continue to slowly (because we don't have time) sort through the more mundane details of our relationship related to joint finances, marriage plans and a prenup, tangible asset lists for our grown children. Life feels like it's speeding up, not slowing down as we explore life after 60.
A Google search on the topic of "Life at 60" produces numerous Web sites and blogs devoted to baby boomers in transition. Who knows where we'll all end up, exactly. For me this period of my life is about reinvention with more time for travel (on a budget) and time left for part-time work. After a good night's sleep, a jog in the woods early this morning and breakfast with the youngest set of children here for Father's Day, I'm ready to take more steps forward into the future.  Here are Web sites that may offer inspiration, if not information on the topic:
 - Shirley MacLaine on the "Joys of Aging."
 - Katherine Gustafson,"Life After 60: "Do Good, Get Paid."
 - "Joyful Life After 60," by Carol Stanley.
 - Google's offering of Web site on life after 60.
 - "Sensational After 60: Loving Life All Over Again," by Shirley Mitchell and Jane Rubietta.
 - "Life After 60? Yes: Choices for Managing the Third Park of Your Life" by John Morford.


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