Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Listening to the truth and laughing about it

Comic Joan Rivers is 77, works full-time, has several TV projects in the works and just released a documentary about her life then and now. Her motto: "If you can't laugh at it, you can't live with it."
What a great way to handle the curve balls that life throws us.  NPR interviewer Terri Gross talked with Rivers this week about her life, the doors she's opened and continues to open for other comics. Rivers has been through a lot when early on she balanced her career with a marriage and motherhood. After her television contract was cancelled, her 60-year-old husband killed himself. She faced bankruptcy. She's been fired, she's been criticized and discounted. You name it Rivers has handled it. Her view is that "you'd better deal with life and make it funny or otherwise it's too sad."
Rivers has plenty to say about getting older and plenty of advice for making the most of it.
"Age frees you," she said. "At this age in my 70s I'm performing at the top my game."
But she cautions that you can't rest on your laurals but instead must stay engaged in life.
Age, she said, is a mountain you can't overcome but despite our youth oriented culture, Rivers finds work.
"I make people listen to the truth and laugh about it," she said. "Life is so difficult and so cruel that you'd better laugh at it." To hear the entire 37-minute interview, click here.

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