Tuesday, April 20, 2010

More to say at WowOWow.com

A friend of mine tipped me this week to a Web site for and about women called "WowOWow.com." Some high-powered names are associated with the project... former news broadcaster Leslie Stahl, political columnist Peggy Noonan and entertainers Marlo Thomas and Lily Tomlin, for instance. Jean Chatzky writes a financial column found on the site. WowOWow is a free daily Internet site where women are getting together to offer insight and opinion on the world. For that reason the content is a bit scattered but I found the financial page subtitled Sheconomics to be helpful. There the lead article today was on the topic of hidden fees tacked onto everything from concert tickets to rental car pricing. Columnist Chatzky touts a campaign being promoted at consumerworld.org, which calls for "complete pricing." What a concept. When I bought tickets to Cirque du Soleil's latest production "Kooza" now showing in Portland, I thought I was paying $86 a ticket. The real price turned out to be $96 because of a $10 "handling fee."
At WowOWow.com women are gathering together to share ideas, offer advice and provide comment on social and political issues. As they said in their "about us" statement, "We have more to say than we have places to say it." Hummm, that sounds familiar. I'll regularly checking it out and promise to pass along the best content.


  1. Hey Julia, enjoyed finding your blog this morning. "Life's challenges," you say. Thankfully, they never end, do they?
    Sixty and Single in Seattle

  2. Mary,
    Thanks for finding me and staying in touch. This week I'm grieving over the loss of my beloved black Lab, "Coot." It's life. - Julie