Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Welcome to SixtyandSingle

I began Sixty and Single while working full-time as business news editor of The Columbian newspaper in Vancouver, Washington at the Web site www.columbian.com.  It's a job I've held for most of the past 26 years. This week I am retiring from that post to focus on my passion.....financial literacy for women. This comes nearly three years after my marriage abruptly ended when my husband told me he was leaving. He was 63, I was 60. I was plunged into an emotional whirlpool that included tedious and expensive negotiations to divide assets in a difficult divorce while struggling to find new footing as a 60 and single woman. During that challenging process I began researching and writing about financial and retirement issues facing women my age. That led to a series of workshops for women, a blog and project stories about retirement planning for my newspaper. Along the way, I learned some surprising facts....nearly half of all American women 65 and older are single and financially on their own. Many of these women have not planned well for retirement and find themselves with limited financial resources. I, for one, thought my 60s would mean a serene drift into a comfortable retirement with a husband of 18 years. The past three years have been anything but serene. But for those struggling to adjust to Sixty and Single, (women and men), I can tell you that the sun will come out, there will be a recovery from abandonment and loss. Life will be more complicated, but intoxicatingly good. Among my favorite Web sites for understanding issues facing women, finances and how to move forward toward retirement is www.wife.org. Here we go.

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