Friday, February 26, 2010

SixtyandSingle..."Don't Sweat Retirement"

Last night at a party, a colleague gave me a tidy little book called "The Don't Sweat Guide to Retirement." by Richard Carlson. Good timing, because I retire TODAY! after a long career reporting, writing and editing business news for a daily newspaper. In this book are 100, (count'em 100) short chapters with headings such as "Your First Few Days," "A Great New Relationship," "Become a Techno-Maven," and "Journeying the World on a Budget." All these topics have appeal. Within hours I will be facing my first few days of retirement, so let's go with that one.
For most of the past 26 years, I've jumped up somewhere between 5 a.m. and 6 a.m. to get going and out the door. Fueled by coffee, I'd then spend the next eight to 10 hours working in a high-pressure newsroom handling breaking news, deadlines and a million little decisions necessary to put out a news section. It has been engaging (focused-on-the-moment) work and it will be hard to change that body-clock routine.
Don't Sweat" suggests not trying to force a change, but to get up when I usually do and not to worry about it. "Think of it as a positive," says "Don't Sweat," and give yourself a few (just a few) assignments to feel productive. I'm reminding myself that I've made adjustments marriage, to children, to moves and news jobs. Ten days in Mexico starting Monday, should help. I'll learn to sleep-in later.
For more about "Don't Sweat Guide to Retirement" click here. To find out more about Richard Carlson, who died at age 45 in 2006,  and his family,  click here.

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  1. Congratulations on your new journey, Julie! Ten days in Mexico sounds like the perfect way to jump in feet first. Hope you'll be in touch when you get home again. All the best to you!